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Independent Publisher Zebert Press is proud to present: "AFFIRMED: Life Lessons in Racial Healing And Transformation."


Written as a compilation of thirteen "life lessons", AFFIRMED breaks a silence about being biracial in America:  the love, the heartache-- and the resiliency of an exceptional life transformed through racial healing.  

Beginning prior to Loving vs. Virginia, AFFIRMED traverses San Francisco and the South, exploring three generations of family evolution.  AFFIRMED is not a politically correct memoir.  It is not the expression of a tragedy.  AFFIRMED is so much more.  It is a courageous outpouring of a heart that beats to the tune of the current racial climate, yet  honors a legacy of ancestry.  Brutally honest, each lesson confronts the intersections of identity, conformity, tradition and heritage in a manner that exposes the strengths of choice in a changing world.   


AFFIRMED is a victorious revelation, pragmatic yet thoughtfully

optimistic about the future.



What if you could heal the world by eradicating racism, one person at a time?


This is the question that motivated the writing of AFFIRMED Based upon actual lived experiences, AFFIRMED answers the question for the writer -- yet  for the reader, only time and intention will tell.

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